Comprehensive Dental Care for Dogs and Cats in Nanuet, NY

As a pet owner, you probably consider your pet to be a member of the family. You want to ensure their well-being and happiness and take any necessary steps to keep them healthy.

You already know that regular check-ups and general care from your local veterinarian in Nanuet, are a vital part of this, but you might not be aware that dental for dogs and cats is just an equally important part of your pet’s overall health.

Quality dental care in Nanuet, NY is just as essential for your pet as it is for yourself and other members of your family. At Nanuet Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest level of dental care for dogs and cats. At our clinic, your pet will be treated as a valued member of the family.

a cat is being examined with its teeth by a veterinarian

Why Dental Care For Dogs And Cats Is Important?

Just like humans, pets require high-quality dental care to maintain good oral health and also protect the rest of their body. When dental care is not provided regularly through both veterinary dental exams and teeth cleanings and at-home oral care, serious problems can occur beyond just bad breath or a few cavities.

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a common oral problem in dogs and cats. In fact, most pets begin showing signs of this disease by the age of three. The primary cause of periodontal disease is the buildup of plaque and tartar on teeth that are not cleaned regularly.

This buildup extends below the gum line and creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and microbes. The nutrients provided by the tartar and gum tissues enable these destructive invaders to grow and thrive.

The Consequences Of Untreated Periodontal Disease

The resulting infection can wreak havoc in your pet’s mouth, leading to loss of teeth, serious cavities, cracked, broken, and blackened teeth, painful, bleeding, and swollen gums, terrible breath, and problems with chewing and eating due to oral pain and discomfort. Left untreated long enough, the infection can worsen and spread, affecting internal organs including the heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs, causing serious and potentially fatal damage.

The best way to prevent periodontal disease from developing and causing health problems in your pet is by having your local veterinarian perform regular dental examinations and teeth cleanings at least once a year. Early detection and intervention are absolutely essential for keeping periodontitis from becoming a serious health threat to your pet.

Symptoms Of Dental Problems In Cats And Dogs

Pets can’t speak to us to tell us when something is wrong with them, but they’ll often communicate it through the way they act. When they are having problems with their teeth and gums, cats and dogs may exhibit a variety of symptoms, both physical and behavioral. If they’re experiencing pain in their mouth, they may become moody and irritable and not want you to touch them on their head and jaw.

They might also display unusual chewing motions due to pain, or simply refuse to eat. There are also visible signs to be on the lookout for. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog or cat, you should schedule a dental examination with your veterinarian right away.

  • Unusually sour breath
  • Loose, broken, or missing teeth
  • Swelling in the gums, jaw, and cheeks
  • Discolored teeth
  • Excessive plaque and tartar buildup
  • Refusal to eat and/or noticeably reduced appetite
  • Pain and/or bleeding from the mouth
  • Abnormal chewing and excessive drooling, or food falling from the mouth

a dog is being patted in the head

Pet Dentistry Services We Provide

At Nanuet Animal Hospital, we are fully qualified, well-equipped, and highly experienced at providing full-service dental for dogs and cats in Nanuet, NY.

We maintain a modern dental and surgical theater with the latest medical equipment and devices at our facility, along with a complete diagnostic laboratory. Here are some of the pet dentistry services we provide at our hospital:

  • Complete dental examinations
  • Digital Dental Radiology (X-rays)
  • Plaque and tartar removal
  • Cavity fillings
  • Cleaning and polishing of teeth
  • Oral surgery, including tooth extractions
  • Abscess and cyst removal

PreExam Screening

Before the procedure, your vet will sit down with you to give you a detailed explanation of what will happen during the dental exam and teeth cleaning process. If you have any questions or concerns, just let them know.

Your veterinarian will also conduct a thorough physical examination of your dog or cat, and a laboratory analysis of blood and urine samples will be performed to identify any potential underlying health problems that may cause complications.

Additionally, your vet will provide you with instructions on how to properly prepare your pet for the procedure on the night before your appointment. In general, you’ll have to withhold food from your pet after about 10 pm, although water is Ok.

During The Procedure

To make sure your pet remains calm and immobile during the procedure, they will be administered general anesthesia. Proper blood pressure will be maintained with extra fluids introduced through the use of an IV. Your pet’s vital signs will be constantly monitored by a veterinary technician for safety, looking for any indication of a problem or abnormality.

To detect any hidden dental issues, your veterinarian will take a full set of X-rays. They will also examine the gums and teeth, looking for any issues under the gum line. Any cavities will be filled, and if a tooth cannot be saved, it may be extracted. After any necessary treatment, your pet’s teeth will be thoroughly cleaned of plaque and tartar and polished for a clean, healthy appearance.

Post Procedure

After the procedure, your pet will spend some time in a recovery area for rest and monitoring, and then you can take them home. You should plan for them to spend the entire day at the clinic. Your vet will discuss the results of the examination with you and recommend any additional dental treatment if necessary.

They will also provide you with instructions for at-home post-procedure care and provide you with any necessary medication. Additionally, your vet will provide you with advice and recommendations on how to improve your pet’s dental health through the use of special treats, chews, and diets specially designed to improve oral hygiene and health.

Nanuet Animal Hospital in Nanuet, NY, welcomes new patients and we are always ready to provide your pet with the highest quality dental care for dogs and cats and always at the most affordable cost. If you have any questions about care and treatment at our clinic or if you would like to schedule an appointment, just give us a call at (845)623-4469.